Social Media in Malaysia
Malaysia is a develop country in Asia and it has achieved excellent in technologies aspect such as Malaysia Multimedia Corridor, Animation (Upin & Ipin), software engineering, social web company (Friendster social web) and so on. And this achievement is due to the development of social media as a tool to convey the message or to spread the story.
According to one website, Wetpaint website, social media become a trend among of Malaysian. It also stated that, in December 2008, nearly 60% Malaysian visited social website and do some networking. Due to this matter, Malaysia becomes the second country in using social media in Asia. In addition, according to Nielsen, nearly 12million user online visit networking website such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Myspace and so on.
Social Network
Alexa Traffic Rank in Malaysia
(July 28, 2009)
Google Ad Planner's Unique Visitors
(July 28, 2009)
Sources: Alexa and Google Ad Planner, 2009-

Conversely, social media also not use in social website but in blog also become trend among Malaysian. For instance, Raja Petra who uses the blog as his to express his idea and comment on certain issue and his comment and idea is very popular in politic issues. And then, social media also can increase our economy because through social media, businessman can sell their product and services through online such as cuppycake, human resource consultant, multi-level-company (e-cosway) and so on.
The politicians also use social media as their medium to engage with their stakeholders especially the voters. This statement support by this say from one website, news.malaysia.msn :
"But today, government MPs are forced to engage and debate their counterparts across the aisle in social media like Twitter and Facebook, allowing us to report on the opposition and avoid much censorship
After we know the trend of social media in Malaysia, we can see the role of social media is very important among Malaysian. Furthermore, I come out with my own types of role of social media such as increase economic, networking, problem solving, freedom of speak, and engage with stakeholders

I highly appreciate your comment about my article thank you

Author, Wz Fadhlan
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3 Suko Qechek :

  1. Assalamualaikum wbt,

    Mr WZ Fadhlan, right? Your name is quite similar with my late friend, Fadh as a leader in Arabic. From the way you wrote, I can say that you are kind of businessman, a little bit politician and a hustler in life.

    As for your blog, I would like to say that you really give me more information about social media. Thanks a lot because I'm also one of the gazillion users out there who is so keen about Facebooking and etc. Actually I've used Facebook to keep tracking my friends and my alumni of UiTm.

    I've known your blog through Ayuni. For me, social media can bring pros and cons. Take an example from what happened before, I've got a friend that already passed away.His social media is Friendster. People tend to say good and bad things to him in that social media. It is a bad thing because in Islam it is not good to talk bad about dead people.

    In contrast, social media providing a very good communication line. I'm a very busy person. I've got to do my out station as long as a month. So, Facebook gives me space to connect with my friends from all over the world through my PDA. Then, in Facebook if you realize there is a page by the name of "I luv Islam". This page have lots of hadiths and quote from Quran also good advices for us as a muslim. Hence, I can agree that social media brings many impact in both view not just in one view.

    I hope my comment can help you in doing your assignment.


    Yours sincerely,

    F A Azzam

  2. I agree that reputation can easily damaged with social media. I used to read status update in my facebook's wall complaining on products and services of certain malls which does end up with a lot of comments.

    And with Facebook and Youtube, you are able to share videos easily. So, anything caught on camera, we really have to be aware on that, nowadays.

    I am involved in business and I do notice there're posts in new media that condemn our products. Therefore, during gatherings with our consumers and distributors, we have to highlight and correct them for any misunderstanding or misinformation so they will gain trust again with our products.

    I think companies nowadays have to be alert with new media so they can keep on track of what's going on with their audience.

  3. Thanks for your comment

    I just give a fact and what happen nowadays. According to Marshall Mc Luhan, society now in mediated world whereby media control of us, how we act, how we think and we as the society in this world as classified as hypermedia society which we so depending on the internet for looking for resource and so on. In damage a reputation aspect, as we can see, through social media especially in facebook, we can create page anti-to whom, this is really bad attitude for me because we gather the people to hate someone and this is different with our ISLAM. But in my article, it has a balance, like mr Azzam said, in life we have pro and con same goes to social media. So it depend to someone how to use it but in PR, social media is needed because without it PR cannot do a work for time being and current situation.

    Thanks to both of you for comment, i highly appreciate.