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In media relation , we will gain publicity, publicity is the positive recognition of an organization, its individual and its activities. Its also tell the whole story about the organization through mass media. In publicity there are many tools like information release such as news about service and product through mass media. Then, it is also have special or staged events like press , plan tours and also sponsoring. Then, we might heard that, some organization do press or news conference to exchange information about major product like proton announce the date of launched of proton inspira through Tv3 in Buletin Utama. Then , publicity also might take participation in promoting our product such as Clark Kent breakfast with cereal or cheverolet car like camaro used in Transformer movies. Lastly is media interview or talks show which both these tools can increase audiences and gain new customer and also gain customer belief . For example, Oprah talk show, Macam-Macam Aznil.

Next, we move on to 5 main media categorized such newspaper. For the newspaper, each editor has different target of audience such as, Utusan, at the back we have sport part, in front of paper we have nasional news, so we must know which part we want to publish our thing.  Then, news letter, it is different from newspaper, in news letter, PR give concise and brief information about certain event, product and service like brochures. Next, radio which we as PR practitioners must know what kind of radio is tally with our story such as Hits , Sinar, Hot FM, Era Radio can promote KFC. For television, we must know the programme in the company like talk show such as Wanita Hari Ini, Malaysia Hari Ini, Nona, Hello on 2 and so on. Lastly is Magazine, this category is easy to find the audience because all the magazine has specific audience if we want to published about the our company car, we can published at Top Gear magazine.

Now we move on to media relation(MR), MR is where PR working with various media for informing organization activities, policies, mission and so on in good manner or positive.In MR, there are several key tasks for MR practitioners such to update file and information about company, for example, if the company provide new product or activities, we must published at the media. Then, we must maintain personal contact with the editor or journalist which relevance to your wok such as we can make them (editors) as the first person know about our company and also can invite them in our company 's grand event. Next key is same with with the first key which we must update our information through the person liaison (person who in charge in maintain contact). Then, we must know the news channels of communication such as nowadays many company used blog and social networks (like Facebook) and we also must evaluate them to see whether it is important or not. Then we must organized our editorial schedule for relevant media such as radio, tv, print media and so on to ensure we can used media to published our works.

Next, the importance of MR is to build confidence in organisation's integrity and to take attention from others to see our company activities or in other words build recognition (for new company). Then , MR is very important to build personal relationship with the editorial to gain trust from them and it is easy to us to published our works.

MR also have rules like shoot squarely which we must be honest when dealing with the press. Then, we must give service such as provide newsworthy , interesting story and pictures to media which they can use immediately.Next, we also do not have to beg to publish our story or complain about story treatment. We also can ask for delay or correction if we have some problem and dont ask for the kills a story. After that, we must select the media we want to use ,do not be greedy to published our story in all media because each journalist has their own target.

As a conclusion, MR and Publicity is related, when our works or activities published in media, the company will gain the publicity but in MR , we must know how to choose media for publishing our activities and then there are several category in publicity such as Radio, Magazine, Television, Newspaper and Newsletter. In MR there are several rules which we must follow such as dont lie, dont flood media, suppress a story, give service and dont beg.
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